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Name Players Map Type     Version IP
RATS MODDED SERVER 1/10 Corpses Crossroads 2.0 DM   D DF 0/11 World of Cubes 2 DM   D 1.2
ISM Complete Edition 0/16 [ISM+] Sting CTF   D DF
�Rail CTF� 0/32 EsCaLaDe Rail CTF   D DF
�RF Unite!� 0/32 RFU6 - Miners Escape CTF   D DF
�Classic DM� 0/32 P.I.B. Lobby DM   D DF
�CTF Match� 0/16 Checkmate Pro (RC1) CTF P D DF
�Classic CTF� 0/32 Duality � la mode CTF   D DF
�ArenaMod� 0/24 Drone Arena DM   D DF
�Europe ArenaMod� 0/24 Docking Bay Arena DM   D DF
Euro DM | Modded 0/32 Haste (Beta 8) DM   D PF
�Deathrun� 0/20 DeathRun6_SE DM   D DF
Afaction-RUN 0/32 DM-NoobRun DM   D DF
�Europe CTF� 0/32 En Masselords (RC1) CTF   D DF
Afaction-Micro 0/32 RFU-EscaDen DM   D PF
EURO-Afaction-CTF 0/16 Warlords Pro Classic (No Fog) CTF   D DF
EURO-Afaction-DM 0/6 Installation XJ15 DM   D DF
Afaction-Modified 0/32 Xtreme Detail DM   D DF
�Europe Rails� 0/32 CTF Rail Arena CTF   D DF
�EU CTF Match� 0/12 Nemesis Pro (Beta 9) CTF P D DF
�Europe DM� 0/32 XJ15 Pro (Beta 3) DM   D DF
�Balance� 0/16 Checkmate CTF P D DF
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