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Name Players Map Type     Version IP
RATS MODDED SERVER 2/10 Bart's Sewer System DM   D DF
Hellrazer's dedicated 0/32 Bart's Bastille DM   D DF
�MicroFaction� 0/32 MicroFaction3 [wrecks' lounge] DM   D DF
Deathmatch modded 0/32 Cyrus Cio Park 2 Lag Free DM   D DF
Afaction Best Maps 0/32 Sky Kingdom DM   D DF
Afaction RUN 0/32 Clan Tag Run DM   D DF
Afaction BOTS 0/32 Lavactory CN5 DM   D DF
Afaction MICRO 0/32 Curse of the Mummy DM   D DF
Afaction Modified 0/32 TA-Square Mall DM   D DF
2001 Throwback | 0/32 Killbox DM   D DF 0/11 DM-Blunders Jungle DM   D 1.2
�1v1� 0/6 Abrupt Decay (RC1) DM P D DF
�2022 World Cup #1� 0/8 Tesseract CTF P D DF
�ArenaMod� 0/24 Marooned Arena DM   D DF
�CTF Match AC� 0/16 Rail Arena Pro CTF P D DF
�Classic CTF� 0/32 Shattered Gorge Mini CTF   D DF
�Rail CTF� 0/32 Nextdoor Rails CTF   D DF
�Deathrun� 0/20 Mt. Frostbite Heights DM   D DF
�EU CTF Match� 0/12 Savage Lands CTF P D DF
�Run Private� 0/2 Auto run DM P D DF
(Failed to fetch info) 0/0