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Name Players Map Type     Version IP
FlufyBuny's Red Faction DM Server 0/16 Mazeway DM   D PF
Legend - Private DM 0/16 RTS Minigolf3(We're Back) DM P D PF
Legend - Capture the Flag 0/32 Warlords CTF   D PF
Baton Wrestling 0/12 S.R.O. [TDM] CTF   D PF
Legend - Dash Match Server 0/18 A Other Way - Rails CTF P D DF
Legend - Deathmatch 0/32 S.R.O. DM   D PF �Everyone Welcome!� 0/32 Office Space DM   D DF
killing noobs 0/16 StarWars3 - Theed's Palace DM P D DF
RF Community Mappers 0/32 Saints Row Penthouse DM   D DF
World Cup Match 0/8 Checkmate Match Edition v2 CTF P D DF
Quake Faction 0/32 Q3DM3: Arena Of Death DM   D DF 0/11 DM-Blundersboothill DM   D 1.2 �Everyone Welcome!� 0/32 Zig DM   D DF
Best of Run! | Modded 0/32 Christmas Run DM   D DF