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Name Players Map Type     Version IP
Afaction-Micro 1/32 SWA Control Tower DM   D PF 0/11 DM-Blunders Valentines DM   D 1.2
Afaction-Team DM 0/32 Blasted Canyon Classic TeamDM   D PF
RATS SERVER 0/10 RTS Magic Kingdom1.1 DM   D DF
body without organs 0/8 Aesir Arena DM P D DF
�CTF� 0/32 Terror of PsY CTF   D DF
�Rails� 0/32 Checkmate - Rail CTF   D DF
�AR Duels� 0/8 S.R.O. Arena DM P D DF
�ArenaMod� 0/24 Satellite Control Arena DM   D DF
�Deathrun� 0/20 DM-SuperMario64 run DM   D DF
�EU Match� 0/12 Tesseract (Beta 8) CTF P D DF
Best of RUN! | Modded 0/32 Deathrun3 DM   D DF
Best of Rails! | Classic 0/32 Football Fun CTF   D PF
Best of DM! | Modded 0/32 Foundation DM   D PF
Best of CTF! | Modded 0/32 The Base CTF   D PF
Best of Small DM! | Modded 0/32 Skull Hunt (Beta 16) DM   D PF
Afaction-Match 0/8 Nemesis_matchmode_Test14 CTF P D PF
Afaction-Academy 0/8 World War 1 CTF   D PF
Afaction-DM 0/32 Badlands DM   D PF
Afaction-CTF 0/18 ctf-warlords2 CTF   D PF
Afaction-Modified 0/32 Chicago DM   D PF
Legend - Deathmatch 0/32 Installation XJ15 DM   D DF
Afaction-RUN 0/32 Challenge this run DM   D DF
EURO-MATCH-TDM 0/12 KOZ Camelot TeamDM   D PF
EURO-MATCH-DM 0/6 Mazeway DM   D PF
EURO-MATCH-CTF 0/6 Warlords Match Edition V4.0 CTF   D PF
�Match� 0/12 Duality � la mode CTF P D DF
�1v1� 0/6 Mortal Coil (RC1) DM P D DF
�TDM� 0/8 Hangar 18 TeamDM P D DF
Legend - Jersey Match 0/18 Warlords Pro CTF P D DF
Legend - Capture the Flag 0/32 Checkmate Match Edition v2 CTF   D DF
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